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Assalammualaikum wr.wb.

Dear readers,

This website is not only for Indonesian but also for every one in the world. Heheheh

But OK, I just want to make English version of the article that most popular in this blog. I think it is very useful for people who do not understand Bahasa Indonesia.

Back to the title.

There are many brands of textile that used for making uniform.Some of them that popular in Indonesia are :

  1. Taipan drill and Taipan Tropical
  2. Verlando Drill and Verlando Tropical
  3. Ventura drill
  4. Maryland Drill and Maryland Tropical
  5. Verlando Japan Drill
  6. Nagata Japan Drill
  7. Cadillac drill and Cadilac Tropical
  8. American JM Drill

For PLAT Textile such as :

Famatex, National, Venoza Plat, Oxford.

And don't forget TC fabric for shirt in school uniform and office.

Here, I will explain you what kind of fabrics they are.

1. Drill Fabric

This fabric is always used for almost uniform in every institution. Such as, government, BUMN, manufacture staff, production operator in factory, technician, engineering, oil field, tanker, gas etc.

This has diagonal pattern in surface. Made from 65% of Tetoron and 35% of Rayon.

People use this fabric because is strong from dust, dirty and easy to wash. Particularly used for field job and workshop. Strong in material, and its collor not easy to dull.

In Indonesia especially in the textile market, we know 2 kind of drill. They are American drill and Japan drill.

Japan drill is more soft and mild than American drill. But of course Japan drill is more expensive.

2. Tropical Fabric

It's just look like with drill except with the pattern. Look like dot matrix in the surface, and more comfortable and light when it's used for shirt or pants.

Some of Drill brand made Tropical brand as the other choice for customers. If they don't like about the pattern of drill. And if they look for fabric that smooth and light, they can select this option.

By the way, when talk about the price. It's little expensive from the Drill fabric. You must add your budget, if you use that. But don't worry, you won't regret it.

3. Oxford

Okey... I know it's sound familiar. is it campus in London?? Come on... hehehe

It's one of textile brand in Indonesia. Don't know why they choose that name for this brand. Maybe because it's special for uniform. So they choose this name. Ok.. forget about it.

Oxford just like Tropical fabric, but has smaller size. If tropical has 58 inch (150cm) in width, then oxford just has 44 inch (115cm).

But from market research, this fabric is very popular and always have high demand in every supplier fabric. Indeed, you can find one textile store that focus sell on it.

There are some of brand from this fabric. The most popular is Sari Warna and Mustang. Then Senayan and Duyung.

Sari warna and mustang is cheaper than Senayan and Duyung. But Duyung has smooth and soft fabric, but it doesn't have much choice in color.

You can use oxford in school uniform for Scout. In Sari warna, there are 7 or 8 colour for scout uniform. There are more optional if you don't like the other one.

Sometimes, it's used for hospital uniform. For doctor and surgeon uniform, because it's rather waterproof.

4. TC (Tetoron Cotton)

Most people like this kind of fabric because is lighter than drill or tropical, and cheaper of course. It is used for shirt, in school uniform and office.

It's very easy to wash, not hot in used, and very smooth. Of course they have bad side, like easy to dirt, not long last, and not recommended to use as field job and workshop.

Some of TC are : TC Diamaond 220/210, TC Ikan Mas, TC Nasional (They are special in White colour)

There are still many kind of textile that I don't mention in this post. I just tell you about specification about fabrics that I know more.

If you have any comment or question, don't hesitate to do it. I am very glad answer all your question.

Thank You

Wassalammualaikum wr.wb.


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