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Assalammualaikum wr. wb.

Dear all my readers,

I am trying to post in English, sorry if I have some trouble with grammar etc. I do my best for doing this.
In this post, I will explain about material textile for making school uniform or company uniform. There are a lot of difference between them. Example; for elementary school you can use light TC for their shirt. But if you do for company, especially for adult. The shirt is looked transparent, and of course it is not comfortable for the employee itself.

For adult, you can choose any kind of drill. It is thick, but not so hot and also soft in skin. There are a lot of drill's names. But people always looking for Japan and American drill. This material has diagonal pattern like this picture.

The difference between japan and American drill is about big and small of this pattern. Japan drill has big pattern and much cotton, so it is very soft and smooth but very expensive than american drill.

Sometimes you have to be wise choosing the material textile for your customer. There is a price in good quality. So, be careful to make decision.

Thank you

Wassalammualaikum wr.wb

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